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Sparkling Wines

Versetto Prosecco

Just as you'd expect a good Prosecco to be. It's fresh, fruity and easy and the soft bubbles remind you that its time to kick back and relax for a while.
£6.10 glass // 
£33.50 bottle

House Champagne: Michel Arnould, Grand Cru Verzenay

FrancePinot Noir, Chardonnay
An elegant champagne, with hints of lemons and limes underpinned by lightly buttered toast. Being a Grand Cru champagne its heritage and quality are assured.
£9.95 glass // 
£54.95 bottle

Veuve Cliquot, Brut, Yellow Label, Champagne, Reims

FranceP N, Meunier, Chardonnay
The name speaks for itself but their website says this a perfcet balance between power and finesse and that its complexity comes from over 50 different crus. We like it because its dry and biscuity.
glass // 
£80.00 bottle

Bel Canto Rosé Spumante, Veneto

Sparkling, fragrant and delightful. This classy, pink little number has roses on the nose, strawberries in the mouth and finishes with a touch of cream soda.
£6.10 glass // 
£29.95 bottle

Champagne Lallier Grand Rosé, Grand Cru Brut

FrancePinot Noir, Chardonnay
Strawberries and cream with a shortbread biscuit on the side; this answers all the questions that you never knew you wanted to ask. An award winning Pink Champagne that delivers on every front.
glass // 
£75.00 bottle

Dessert / Sweet Wine

Manon, Muscat des Beaumes de Venise

FranceSouthern Rhone
This is a delicious, fragrant, sweet white wine that goes brilliantly with rich savoury dishes like pâtés, terrines, blue cheeses, smoked meat etc or almost any desert or pudding or even just a cup of coffee. It has a light golden colour, with intense aromas of exotic fruits and hints of honey. Generous but refreshing in the mouth, its underlying flavours are of apricots, peach and white flowers. Sweet and sensual it’s a small, supercharged, glass of sunshine.
£3.25 glass // 
£25.00 bottle

White Wines - House White

Maison de Vigneron Blanc, Cotes De Gascogne

Easy, fresh and fragrant, like newly cut grass, this is a delightfully crisp little number from Cote de Gascogne that goes down a treat with or without food.
£4.65 glass // 
£25.45 bottle

White Wines - Crisp and Dry

Principato Pinot Grigio, IGT Provincia di Pavia

ItalyPinot Grigio
Properly grown up, this PG is from the foothills of the alps in the North of Italy. It's clean and fragrant with mouthwatering hints of ripe lemons.
£4.80 glass // 
£26.25 bottle

Pierre a Feu, Domaine des Buissonnes, Sancerre, Loire

FranceSauvignon Blanc
This classy, stylish, Sancerre from the Loire offers the ultimate taste of European Sauvignon blanc. Complex floral notes with minerality and a touch of smoke; the style is full and round yet fresh and well-balanced.
glass // 
£42.50 bottle

Pato Torrente Sauvignon Blanc, Valle Central

ChileSauvignon Blanc
A vibrant, refreshing, juicy Sauvignon from the "Meditteranean" climate of the Central Valley . It has a light, tropical nose and a clean fresh finish.
£4.55 glass // 
£24.95 bottle

Muscadet de S et M sur Lie, Dom des Herbages, Loire

Left on its lees for complexity, this is fresh, lemony, dry, and delightfully seasoned. A brilliant food wine that lost its mojo back in the 70s when over demand led to overproduction. A perfect match for shellfish.
£6.30 glass // 
£34.50 bottle

Petit Chablis Domaine Louis Moreau, Burgundy

Domaine Louis Moreau has been making Chablis for six generations and it shows. This is a crisp elegant wine that showcases the unoaked classic style of Chardonnay that is the Petit Chablis hallmark.
£8.20 glass // 
£44.95 bottle

White Wines - Dry and Aromatic

Domaine de Vedilhan Serica,Pays d’Oc

Deeply layered, full-flavoured, full-on Viognier. This wine has a lovely texture and is aptly named after the Latin name for silk, 'Serica'. All the characteristic rich stone fruit flavours can be found aplenty and are rounded of by a complex, satisfying and well-balanced finish. A joy on its own or great with white meats, seafood or pretty much anything spicey from the Far East or Asia.
£5.45 glass // 
£29.95 bottle

Pazoz de Lusco Albarino

Meaning ‘sunset’ in the local Galician dialect, this is a vibrant, sexy, Albariño. Aromas of fresh herbs and tropical fruits lead to fresh, complex honey and salt lime with a crisp unctuous finish. We absolutely love it!
£8.10 glass // 
£44.50 bottle

L'Ormarine Duc de Morny, Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc

Born and bred in Languedoc, it's currently something of an "IN" wine. With a lightly perfumed nose, ripe underbody and a lovely crisp lingering taste, it's understated but dressed and ready to please.
£6.10 glass // 
£33.95 bottle

Cave de Hunawhir Pinot Gris, Alsace

FrancePinot Gris
This co-operative of 110 famously helped the post war restoration of this amazing limestone region. Mouthwatering, aromotic and a touch smokey, it’s a natural match for seafood and rich or spicy food.
£6.55 glass // 
£35.95 bottle

White Wines - Clean and Rounded

Bantry Bay Chenin Blanc, Western Cape

South AfricaChenin Blanc
The sun-drenched slopes of South Africa’s coastal region bring out the ripest fruit flavours in this wine. Hints of chalky lime and tropical fruit are balanced by a lingering, mouth-watering, finish.
£4.35 glass // 
£23.95 bottle

Novas Gran Reserva Riesling, Valle Bio Bio [Organic]

Heady diesel fumes mixed with honeysuckle give this a complex but strangely pleasing aroma, but the real joy is the off-dry flavour of smooth, salty, lime. Fabulous with Asian or spicy food.
glass // 
£29.95 bottle

Baboon Rock, La Petite Ferme, Franschoek

South AfricaChardonnay
A stunning unoaked chardonnay from the capital of South African food and wine. Lime and honey dominate but soft fruit and minerals balance it out. Great value for money.
£6.55 glass // 
£35.95 bottle

Pouilly Fuisee, Vielle Vignes, Burgundy

Grapes from low yielding, 45 year-old vines makes this a beautifully intense yet elegant wine. Bastien Guerrin ferments it in the barrel, working the lees to give roundness and a yeasty, dry finish.
glass // 
£49.45 bottle

The Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc, Malborough

New ZealandSauvignon Blanc
Ripe tropical fruits drifting with limes in a mineral rich seem of deliciousness; its sappy, fresh and clean. A-typical Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc from South Island, famous for this type of wine
£6.35 glass // 
£34.95 bottle

Pouilly-Fumé, Les Loges, Dom. Pierre Marchand, Loire

FranceSauvignon Blanc
Facing Sancerre acrosss the river, this is complex with well balanced crisp goosberry and lemon flavours and an elegant flinty ripe apple finish. Great with with grilled fish or chicken, though it's lovely solo too.
glass // 
£42.50 bottle

La Chiara Gavi de Gavi, Piedmont

From just north of Genoa this is Piedmont's most famous wine. With hints of green olives, this is rounded, refreshing and stylish; no surprise given the region's love of fashion.
glass // 
£39.95 bottle

White Wines - Fuller Bodied

Nero Oro Grillo Appassimento, Sicily

This amzazing Siicilian beauty is unusual in that some of the grapes are part dried on the vine and some in the sun and yet it is still dry. This brings depth and richness to its underlying smokey, citrussy flavour.
£5.35 glass // 
£29.25 bottle

Kardos, Dry Furmint, Tokaj

From the village of Mad in Tokaj, Europes oldest wine region, this grape is more famous for making fabulous dessert wines. However, this one's dry and ripe and mouthwateringly succulent.
£5.60 glass // 
£29.95 bottle

Sunny Cliff, Victoria

There's nothing brash about this sunblest Ozzie beauty. Refreshingly unoaked, it's full bodied with limey, peachy undertones.
£5.45 glass // 
£29.95 bottle

Clos de L'Église, Macon -Charnay, Burgundy

This is an elegant, unoaked Macon.with a lovely mouth feel this is still quite fresh and has a light citrucy nose. Like the Macconais this has sophistication but you don't need to wear you Sunday best to enjoy it.
glass // 
£38.95 bottle

Rosé Wines

Les Bois des Violettes Rosé

FranceGren'che,Cinsault, Syrah
"Elegant pale rose color, with a red current and strawberry nose balanced by light citrus fruit. Gently fruity with a crisp, refreshing finish; it's the perfect summer wine for sipping by the River Dee."
£5.45 glass // 
£29.95 bottle

Domaine de la Vieille Tour Rosé, Provence

FranceGren'che, Cinsault, Syrah
With hints of wild strawberries, this lightly cloured, off-dry, fragrant wine encapsulates everything you'd expect from a classic blend of rosé grapes hand picked in one of the best locations in AC Provence. Delicious!
glass // 
£39.95 bottle

Bella Modella La Farfalla Pinot Grigio Rosé, Veneto

ItalyPinot Grigio
Bright with light raspberry and strawberry fruit, this classic pink pinot has some residual sweetness but with crisp balancing acidity. Summer in a glass.
£5.10 glass // 
£27.95 bottle

Another Story White Zinfandel Rosé

Just what you'd expect from the golden state of California. Bright, fragrant and fruity this is a crowd pleasing pretty pink quaffer. Enjoy.
£4.80 glass // 
£26.45 bottle

Red Wines - House Red

Palazzo del Mare, Nero D'Avola, Sicily

ItalyNero D'Avola
With no known Mafia associations, this atypical Sicilian is deep and moody with an outwardly light personality. Ripe, plummy fruits, gentle spice and liquorish combine to make a delightful quaffer.
£5.20 glass // 
£28.45 bottle

Red Wines - Elegant, Easy & Soft

Sugarbush Hill , Stellenbosh

South AfricaMerlot
A typical medium weight, easy drinking, Merlot made by the Origin Winery from grapes selcted from vineyards across the Western Cape. Soft, with ripe plummy fruit, a touch of spice and a nice long finsh.
£4.55 glass // 
£24.95 bottle

Vega del Rayo, Rioja, Tempranillo

Made in Rioja using classic tempranillo grapes, this is modern and vibrant but unlike like it's famous parent isn't aged in oak. Soft and easy with juicy red fruits it's well-structured, with a touch of spice.
£4.90 glass // 
£27.75 bottle

Chateau de Raousset, Grille Midi, Fleurie

Located on centuries-old vineyards of the «Grille-Midi» terroirs, this Fleurie has all the finesse you would expect from this famous Beaujolais vintage. Naturally fine and crisp with balanced notes of stone fruit yet it still has a quite full and fleshy finish. A delicious, high quality, full flavoured light red for any season.
£7.50 glass // 
£39.95 bottle

Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG, Geografico

ItalySangiovese Blend
Brick red, with aromas of cherries and spice, this great value Chianti comes from the hills around Siena in Tuscany. Medium body and mild tannins make it all too easy to drink. Why resist?
glass // 
£32.95 bottle

Moko, Pinot Noir, Waipara, Marlborough

New ZealandPinot Noir
Like any great Kiwi fly-half this has character, balance and a good physique. A born winner, its succulent red and black fruits know how to deliver a warm, crowd pleasing, result.
£7.25 glass // 
£39.95 bottle

Red Wines - Smooth, Silky & Earthy

Silver Myn Argentum, Stellenbosh

South AfricaMerlot, Cab F, Petit Verd
This is what you'd typically call a Bordeaux blend. The merlot delivers the fruit while the cab sauvignon, brings character and the petit verdot adds a touch of je ne sais quoi. Great value.
£5.30 glass // 
£29.25 bottle

Crozes-Hermitage Classique, Cave de Clairmont

Deep purple , with blackberry fruit, good depth and soft tanins, this Northern Rhone wine shows all the characteristics one would expect from syrah, the only grape permitted to be used in this famous wine.
glass // 
£44.95 bottle

Chateau Les Amoureuses "La Barbare" Cotes du Rhone

FranceGrenache, Syrah
Deeply delicious, with heart warming gentle spices all wrapped up in a silk handlerchief of loveliness. This is no average Cote du Rhone, this is special and one of our favourite red's.
£8.15 glass // 
£44.95 bottle

Château Montaiguillon, Montagne-Saint-Emilion

FranceMerlot, Cab F, Cab S
As smoth as a smooth thing, this elegant, plummy, mouthful of joy from Bordeaux's right bank is cool and silky. Sauve and seductive, once tempted you'll be hooked for ever.
glass // 
£46.95 bottle

Macon Rouge “ Les Roches Rouge” Louis Jadot

From the prestigious "L.J", this Burgundian wine is full bodied, elegant and smooth. Aromas of cherries, blackberries and liquorice overlay a velvety and smooth palate with subtle tannins and a long juicy finish.
glass // 
£42.95 bottle

Alto del Obre, Reserva, Rioja

This well aged, full bodied wine is complex and has integrated flavours of red fruit with vanilla, cinammon and cloves .The finish is long, intense and aromatic.
glass // 
£44.50 bottle

Chateau St Michelle, Washington

USACabernet Sauvignon
Silky, elegant and smooth, we think this is a stunner. Packed with ripe black fruit flavours with notes of cedar and vanilla and a long silky finish, this has depth, structure and finesse.
glass // 
£41.50 bottle

Red Wines - Warm and Spicy

Montepulciano d`Abruzzo Volunté

Cherry liqueur choclate with ripe lightly spiced plums and soft tannins. Take off your shoes, slip into your favourite toga and think about what else the Romans did for us.
£5.30 glass // 
£28.95 bottle

The Opprtunist Shiraz, Langhorne Creek

This Ozzie ripper defintely deserves donning yer best bib and tucker for. It's smooth, suave and sophisticxated with just a touch of juicy spice.
£6.55 glass // 
£35.95 bottle

Olivier Maurice, Côtes du Rhône

FranceGrenache, Syrah
Do you remember how the clock seems to slow down and you get a warm satisfying glow when foraging for blackberries and damsons with friends and family? Take a sip and you'll be there.
£5.10 glass // 
£28.00 bottle

Cline Cellars 'Old Vine' Lodi Zinfandel

Warm days and cool nights ripen the old Lodi vine grapes to perfection, while new French oak casks impart toasty vanilla high notes. Ripe, luscious and not overtly tannic this is big, bold and beautiful.
glass // 
£38.45 bottle

Red Wines - Big, Powerful & Intense

Peacock Wild Ferment, Stellenbosh

South AfricaCab Sauvignon
Highly drinkable with hints of leafy cassis, chocolate and crunchy spice on the nose. The grapes are from the cool coastal areas of Stellenbosch. Lower yields and longer ripening, ensure balance and elegance.
£5.95 glass // 
£32.75 bottle

Chateau La Branne, Medoc, Bordeaux

FranceCab S, Merlot, Petit Verdot
Your classic left bank Bordeaux. Meaty beefy big and bouncy its just what you need to accompany the finest or even the most lowly cuts of red meat.
glass // 
£48.95 bottle

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Les Galets de la Berthaude, Rhone

FranceGren'che, Syrah, Mourvedre
Ripe cherry fruit aromas alongside herbal, spicy and peppery notes makes this Châteauneuf du Pape a surprisingly smooth and elegant wine.
glass // 
£59.95 bottle

Rippa Dorii Ribera del Duero

More of a prima polo player than a rough riding gaucho, this is nicely balanced with dark fruit and soft delicate tannins. Like the softest of soft leather gloves it is both warming and sensual.
£6.90 glass // 
£37.95 bottle

Man Meets Mountain Malbec, Mendoza

More of a prima polo player than a rough riding gaucho, this is nicely balanced with dark fruit and soft delicate tannins. Like the softest of soft leather gloves it is both warming and sensual.
£6.20 glass // 
£33.95 bottle

Alasia Barolo, Piemonte

Dark plums, violets, leather and woodsmoke all come together harmoniously making this intense, elegant wine a go-too for many who feel like pushing the boat out.
glass // 
£48.50 bottle

Amarone di Valpolicella Classico DOCG, Mabis, Veneto

ItalyCorvina, Rondinella, Molinara
Produced near Verona, the grapes are dried in special chambers that intensify all the flavours before producing a velvety , garnet-red, wine with hints of cherry and almonds. A ripe, rich glass of loveliness.
glass // 
£67.50 bottle