Puddings & Cheese

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Plum jam Semifreddo, toasted nuts 6.95
Pear tart tatin, rum and raisin ice cream 6.95
Black Forrest nod, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, kirsch cherries 8.50
Sticky toffee pudding, caramel sauce, honeycomb ice cream 7.95
Crème brûlée 6.95
Lemongrass pannacotta, pineapple compote, coconut madeleines 7.50
Apple and blackberry crumble, vanilla custard 7.50

Ice creams and sorbets - Selection of 3 from Cheshire Farm 5.95 (2 scoops 3.90/ 1 scoop 1.95)
Ices: Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate & Orange, Vanilla, Honeycomb
Sorbets: Green Apple, Passionfruit, blackberry

The Boat Cheese Selection - Crackers, biscuits, cornichons, pickled grapes (any 5 - 12.95)
Ashlynn – A goat’s cheese with an artisan vibe, it is rolled in ash and has a line of charcoal running through the middle, do not let that put you off, it was one of our favourites from the tasting.
Wigmore Brie - A ewe’s milk cheese, creamy and crumbly, made by Anna and Andy Wigmore, hence for the name. The cheese has a bloomy natural rind.
Oxford Blue – A variety and brand of blue cheese produced in Burford, Oxfordshire in 1995 by French Baron Robert Pouget. It has traditions of stilton cheese but with a creamier consistency.
Tete de Moine – Literally meaning ‘monk’s head’ this cheese is shaved into rosette’s rather than sliced. This cheese is aromatic and strong, a ‘cheese-lovers’ cheese
Oxford Isis – A soft washed-rind cheese. Washed in honey mead giving it a lovely sweetness that balances nicely with it is pungent tang.
Snowdonia Black Bomber – A cheddar at heart but this packs a punch. The perfect blend of creaminess and a tang that is to die for.
Gorwydd Caerphilly – The family make this earthy Caerphilly from unpasteurised cows' milk and mature it for a minimum of two months. The result is a cheese with a complex flavour, and both a crumbly and creamy texture.

Hot Drinks
Cafetiere Coffee 3.25
Cappuccino 3.25
Café Latte 3.25
Pot of Yorkshire Tea 3.00
Speciality Tea 3.30
Espresso 3.00