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    Tuesday, 22 June 2021


Starters and Snacks

Broccoli & Ginger soup, Bloomer Bread 5.45

Chicken liver and brandy pâté, red onion marmalade, toasted sour dough 6.95

Lamb kofte, marinated feta, pickled cucumber and olive salad, beetroot tortilla 7.75

Chicken wings, salt and pepper, chilli and spring onion salad 5.95

Char grilled skewer of prawns, salmon and cod loin, mango and chilli salsa 8.75

Aubergine carpaccio, garlic and thyme, cherry tomato salsa, polenta croutons 6.45

Sheppard’s pie spring roll, Landlord’s piccalilli 6.95

Citrus cured seabass, pickled rhubarb, pumpernickel bread 7.95

Spicy chickpea fritters, coconut yogurt, lime and mango chutney 5.75



Lighter Dishes

Goat’s cheese, red pepper and basil quiche, tomato and rocket salad 9.45

King prawn, crab and avocado salad, crab mayo croutons 15.95

Macaroni cheese, roasted tomatoes, charred lettuce 8.75

Slow cooked Mexican pork (Puerco Pobil), tacos, pickled red onions, jalapeno peppers 10.75

Seared and seasoned tuna "sashimi", wasabi fritters, salad, mirin and lime dressing 15.95




Belly Pork Ramen, Pak Choi, Hard-boiled egg 15.95

Lamb rump (served pink), wild garlic puree, peas and beans, new potatoes with chives, mint jus 19.45

Cauliflower katsu curry, rice, crunchy salad 12.95

Steak burger, melted cheese, chips, tomato salsa 14.95 *

Roasted Cod loin fillet, crushed new potatoes, charred tenderstem broccoli, caper butter 19.95

Aubergine Moussaka (meatless), cucumber and black olive salad 12.75

Haddock in beer batter, chips, mushy peas, chunky tartar sauce 14.45 *

10oz Rump Steak, peppercorn sauce, field mushroom, tenderstem broccoli, roast tomato, and chips 19.95

Pan fried chicken breast, parmentier potatoes, butternut squash, charred broccoli, chorizo gravy 15.75

Indonesian seafood curry, rice and accompaniments 15.95






Items with an asterisk (*) are available as a portion suitable for children



Crème brulée 5.95

Raspberry and strawberry sherry trifle 6.95

Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel sauce, honeycomb ice cream 6.75

Dark chocolate marquise, crunchy hazelnut, mandarin sorbet 6.95

Lemon meringue pie 7.45

Rhubarb tart tatin, vanilla ice cream 5.95


Ice creams and sorbets Selection from Cheshire Farm 3 scoops 5.75

(2 scoops 3.90/ 1 scoop 1.95)

Ices: Cherry Bakewell, Parma Violet, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Coconut

Sorbets: Raspberry, Bramley Apple, Passionfruit


The Boat Cheese Selection Crackers, biscuits, quince jelly, pickled grapes (any 5 - 12.95)

Wigmore Brie- A ewe’s milk cheese, creamy and crumbly, made by Anna and Andy Wigmore, hence the name. The cheese has a bloomy natural rind

Isle of Wight Blue – This hand-made soft cheese is made with pasteurised milk, blue veined and has a relatively mild blue flavour. Naturally rinded, it is covered in green, blue, grey, and white moulds, giving the cheese bags of character

Gorwydd Caerphilly – The family make this earthy Caerphilly from unpasteurised cows' milk and mature it for a minimum of two months. The result is a cheese with a complex flavour, and both a crumbly and creamy texture

Ashlynn – A goat’s cheese with an artisan vibe, it is rolled in ash and has a line of charcoal running through the middle, do not let that put you off, it was one of our favourites from the tasting.

Tete de Moine – Literally meaning ‘monk’s head’ this cheese is shaved into rosette’s rather than sliced. This cheese is aromatic and strong, a ‘cheese-lovers’ cheese

Oxford Isis – A soft washed-rind cheese. Washed in honey mead giving it a lovely sweetness that balances nicely with it is pungent tang.

Snowdonia Black Bomber – A cheddar at heart but this packs a punch. The perfect blend of creaminess and a tang that is to die for.