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Spiced carrot soup, coriander and chilli pesto, toasted sourdough 5.45

Oysters on ice, lemon, shallots in red wine, Tabasco 14.95 for six or £2.95 each.
Mollusc, sulphur dioxide

Scallops, chorizo, pickled Romanesco, cauliflower puree 13.95
Mollusc, sulphur dioxide, milk,

Chicken liver and brandy pâté, red onion marmalade, toast 6.95
Cereal gluten, eggs, milk, sulphur dioxide

Crispy pigs head fritter, smoked tomato salad, pineapple and chilli jam 7.25
Cereal gluten, lupin, milk, eggs, sulphur dioxide

Spicy pulled jackfruit, flat bread, pickled vegetables Siracha sauce 6.95
Soya, cereal gluten, sulphur dioxide, mustard

Soy cured Sea Bass, wasabi fritters, pickled ginger and furikake seeds 7.95
Eggs, fish, milk, sulphur dioxide, cereal gluten, sesame seeds, soya

Celeriac Schnitzel, fried egg, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms 6.50
Celery, cereal gluten, eggs, lupin, milk, sulphur dioxide

Steak tartare, hen’s egg, seasonings 8.95
Eggs, sulphur dioxide, cereal gluten


Pork sausages, mash, onion gravy, greens 12.95
Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide

Breaded chicken katsu curry, sticky coconut rice, crunchy Oriental salad 14.75
Cereal gluten

Blackened hake fillet, spiced dashi broth, pickled ginger 17.95
Soya, cereal gluten, crustaceans, fish, lupin, molluscs, sulphur dioxide

Truffle Gnocchi, wild mushrooms, spinach, sage cream, parmesan crisps 13.25
Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide, milk

Slow cooked belly pork, black pudding purée, Hasselback and Parmesan potato,
apple scotch egg 15.95
Cereal gluten, mustard, egg, milk, sulphur dioxide

Steak burger, melted cheese, chips, tomato salsa 13.45
Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide

Chicken, ham hock and leek pie, Dijon herb mustard sauce chips and greens 14.25
Cereal gluten, eggs, milk

Haddock and clam chowder, mussel fritters, greens 15.95
Cereal gluten, fish, molluscs, milk

Ox cheek slow-cooked in red wine, mash, tender stem broccoli, carrots 16.95
Cereal gluten, Milk, sulphur dioxide

Teriyaki cauliflower steak, bang bang chutney, noodles, rice spring rolls 13.75
Cereal gluten, nuts, sulphur dioxide, soya, sesame

Roasted Cod, caper butter, crushed new potatoes, tender stem broccoli, samphire 17.25
Fish, milk

Cod in beer batter, proper chips, mushy peas, chunky tartar sauce 13.95
Cereal gluten, eggs, fish, sulphur dioxide

Crispy beef salad, toasted cashew nuts, chilli mint dressing 12.95
Nuts, milk

Lamb rump, (cooked pink) rosemary gravy, dauphinoise potatoes, vegetables 18.75
Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide

10oz Rump steak, peppercorn sauce, green beans, roast tomato, chips 18.95
Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide

*These dishes are available as children’s portions.

Light Bites

Macaroni cheese, roasted tomatoes, charred lettuce 7.95
Cereal gluten, milk, mustard

Devilled kidneys on toast 8.95
Cereal gluten, sulphur dioxide

Fishcakes (salt cod, prawns, salmon, smoked haddock), tomato & cucumber salad 10.95
Cereal gluten, crustacean, eggs, fish, milk, sulphur dioxide

Bourbon braised brisket of beef bap, meat liquor, a few chips 9.95
Cereal gluten, sulphur dioxide

Soft shell crab bao bun pickled vegetables, chilli mayo and lime 11.95
Cereal gluten, sulphur dioxide, egg, crustacean


Just ask if you would like to add custard to any of these

Crème brulée 4.95
Eggs, milk

Bread and butter pudding, apricot compote, custard 6.25
Cereal gluten, milk

Dark chocolate and Cointreau fondue, dipping fruits and biscuits (for two to share) 9.95
Gluten, dairy, sulphur dioxide

Black Forest nod, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, kirsch, black cherries, chocolate shavings 6.95
Cereal gluten, milk

Lemon curd tart, meringue, raspberry sorbet 6.95
Gluten, eggs

Banoffee ‘Paris-Breast’, candied pecans, glazed banana 6.95
Milk, nuts, cereal gluten

Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel sauce, honeycomb ice cream 6.95
Eggs, milk, cereal gluten

Cheshire Farm Ice Creams and Sorbets

Mixture of 3 scoops for 4.95 or 1.75 per scoop
Ices: Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio, White Chocolate, Toffee fudge, Raspberry Ripple
Sorbets: Lemon, Green Apple or Blackcurrant
Cereal, gluten, milk

Regional Cheeses Selection for Two

All served with crackers, biscuits, fruit cake, pickles, quince jelly and pickled grapes.
Choice of any 5 for 12.95 Please see our cheese menu for our selection of cheeses.
Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide.

We are happy to provide allergen information for all of our menus, we take additional measures when told about allergens, but as our food is prepared and freshly cooked to order, we cannot guarantee that all traces of allergens and gluten are completely removed.