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 Saturday, 16 October 2021

Starters and Snacks

Oysters on ice, lemon, shallots in red wine, Tabasco 2.95 (each)

Sulphites, molluscs, crustaceans

Mushroom & Chive Soup, crusty bread roll 5.45

Milk, celery, cereal gluten

Scallop ceviche, pickled cucumber, tomato, chili 11.95

Fish, shellfish, crustaceans, mustard, egg

Chicken liver and brandy pâté, red onion marmalade, charred sour dough 6.95

Cereal gluten, eggs, milk, sulphur dioxide

Harissa baked Hasselback courgette, lemon hummus, toasted pumpkin seeds 6.25


Blackened monkfish cheeks, pickled enoki mushrooms, dashi broth 8.95

Soya, cereal gluten, Sulphur dioxide, fish

Chicken wings, salt and pepper, chilli salad 5.95

Cereal gluten

Pan fried pigeon breast, black pudding, apple and brandy compote 8.95

Cereal gluten, milk, Sulphur dioxide

Spinach and mushroom raviolo, bloody Mary sauce 6.95

Sulphur dioxide, celery, cereal gluten, egg, nuts, milk, fish


Lighter Dishes

Chicken livers pan fried with soy and honey, toast, chilli and sesame 9.75

Cereal gluten, soya, sesame, sulphur dioxide

Torched Mackerel Niçoise, baby gem, beans, hen’s egg, anchovies, olives 11.95

Mustard, fish, eggs, sulphur dioxide

Macaroni cheese, roasted tomatoes, charred lettuce 8.75

Milk, eggs, cereal gluten

Tofu Pad Thai 10.95

Nuts, cereal gluten, sesame, soy

King prawn, crab and avocado salad, crab mayo croutons 15.95

Crustaceans, cereal gluten, egg, mustard, may contain milk

Sticky pig’s cheek bao bun, kimchi and gotcha ketchup 12.95

Soy, sesame, mustard, sulphites, gluten



Vegetable Jalfrezi, grilled paneer, rice and relishes 13.95

Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide

Steak burger, melted cheese, chips, tomato salsa 14.95 *

Cereal gluten, sulphur dioxide, milk

Pork schnitzel, watercress and caper salad, gherkins, lemon 13.95

Milk, eggs, sulphur, cereal gluten

Pan fried duck breast (served pink), celeriac chips, pickled cherries, seasonal greens 19.75

Sulphur dioxide, milk, cereal gluten, celery

Spanakopita, red pepper sauce, pine nuts, cucumber and olive salad £13.95

Cereal gluten, egg, milk, sulphur dioxide, celery

Haddock in beer batter, chips, mushy peas, chunky tartar sauce 14.45 *

Fish, cereal gluten, egg, sulphur dioxide

Chicken Breast, creamed & toasted sweetcorn, bacon bits, spring onion croquettes, garlic tomatoes 15.45

Milk, sulphites, cereal gluten

Steak tartare (6oz), seasonings, duck egg, watercress and tomato salad, fries 16.95

Egg, sulphur dioxide, cereal gluten, fish

Pan fried Stone bass, celeriac purée, charred cauliflower, cocotte potatoes 21.95

Fish, milk, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide, celery

Lebanese venison rump, bulgur wheat, tahini lemon sauce, roast potatoes, pomegranate molasses 21.95

Sulphur dioxide, sesame, cereal gluten

Tandoori rainbow trout, bombay potatoes, crunchy salad, chapati 18.95

Sulphur dioxide, milk, lupin, cereal gluten

8oz Sirloin Steak, peppercorn sauce, field mushroom, green beans, roast tomato, and chips 23.45

 Sulphur dioxide, milk, cereal gluten

Szechwan beef salad, black garlic sesame dressing 13.95

Soya, sesame, fish, sulphur dioxide


Puddings (Just ask if you want to add custard to any of these)

Crème brulée 5.95

Egg, milk

Rum poached pear, lime mascarpone cream, ginger biscuit crumb 7.95

Sulphur dioxide, milk, cereal gluten

Buttermilk panna cotta, strawberry compote, shortbread crumb 6.95

Milk, cereal gluten

Pineapple Tart Tatin, coconut ice cream, chili and mint syrup 6.45

Cereal gluten, egg, milk

Chocolate and stem ginger cheesecake, sweet and sour cherries, Chantilly cream 6.95

Cereal gluten, milk

Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel sauce, honeycomb ice cream 6.75

Cereal gluten, milk, egg, lupin


Ice Creams and Sorbets selection from Cheshire Farm, 5.75 (2 scoops 3.90 / 1 scoop 1.95)

Cheshire Farm Ice Creams and Sorbets

Mixture of 3 scoops for 4.95 or 1.75 per scoop

Please see the dessert menu for ice cream and sorbet selection

Cereal gluten, milk, eggs

Regional Cheeses Selection

All served with crackers, biscuits, quince jelly and pickled grapes.

Choice of any 5 for 12.95. Please see our dessert menu for cheese selections

Cereal gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide


Items with an asterisk (*) are available as a portion suitable for children